The USO and the Comfort Crew for Military Kids visits US military bases and schools around the world, delivering support to military kids and their classmates. The program provides schools with an exciting and entertaining presentation that aims to grow happiness, healthfulness and confidence in students.

This program injects enthusiasm into schools by delivering the program through three educationally and developmentally appropriate presentations: grades K-2, grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. Interactive tour personalities present stories, songs, and moderated discussion on topics that most kids deal with regularly such as: being active, making friends, dealing with bullies, adjusting to divorce or the absence of a parent. The tour is providing valuable strategies for dealing with emotions and adjusting to life’s challenges through positive messaging and energetic performance.

All schools participating in the program by hosting a With You All the Way! Tour receive a FREE Military Child Empowerment Pack for each of the military students attending a presentation. Since 2010, the With You All the Way! Tour has visited more than 150,000 military kids in more than 16 countries, sharing strategies to help military kids cope with the unique challenges of military life.

“I was so happy you came to our school today… you made us think and then you made us laugh, and for awhile I forgot I was feeling a lot of hurt about deployment.”— Kelsey, a military kid, after seeing a Comfort Crew presentation

“I can’t thank you enough for your week full of laughter, learning and just plain friendship. We really enjoyed seeing the kids get so much out of your presentation and movie clips.”– School Liaison Officer

“I wanted to let you know just how big of impact the [presentations] had on our entire Fort Leonard Wood community, from our young elementary school students to the teenagers, to their teachers, guidance counselors and to the parents of those young hearts you touched, they are all grateful that you took a chance on us and came out and presented your life changing program to so many throughout the community, truly helping many face their silent unvoiced fears.”- USO Center Director